Thursday, June 25, 2015


I am finally posting my second challenge to the TPT Sellers Challenge hosted by the following 4 fabulous ladies:

This week's challenge was Dare to Dream!

I have been thinking about this all week. This was a lot more challenging then the first week. I will begin my 21st year of teaching and life is pretty good. I started TPT a few years ago just as a personal goal. I found it through the many countless hours of blog stalking!! :) I saw many great units on TPT. I started realizing that..." Hey I did that way back when, but look how well this seller put it all together and is sharing it with others!" I wanted to do the same. I set a goal that I would create a product and get it uploaded. So here I am a few years later. I still blog and create, but not consistently.  This challenge is forcing me to take more risks and put myself out there. With that said here are my dreams.

GROW MY BLOG AND TPT STORE:  I blog and create, but not consistently. I would love to have way more products on TPT, be the blog/IG with thousands of followers, and meet many more fellow teachers. I am super excited that with this challenge I have gained more followers. I would love to have 500 Followers on TPT, FB, and IG in the next year!

INSPIRE OTHERS: I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to share what I do in the classroom. I want others to be excited when I write a new blog post or ask me questions about something I blogged about. This may sound silly, but I love when my favorite bloggers share something really cool and then respond back to me because I have left a comment. I want to do the same for others.

GUILT FREE SHOPPING: I love to shop! I especially love shoes. I do not want to hear my hubby's voice inside my head saying..."Do you really need those shoes?" YES, I NEED THOSE SHOES!!!

SPOIL MY HUBBY: I have a great hubby who takes very good care of me. I would love to be able to take him on a trip or buy him something real nice without having to think about what it costs. I would love to say..."Don't worry I got this...all of this!!!!"

So there are my dreams! Join the linky and share your dreams too!!


  1. Guilt free shopping would be amazing!! I can't wait for the day, haha. It is really kind of you to want to inspire others and take care of your husband :) Good luck with your goals!
    Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

  2. Love this! Shoes are my downfall too, b/c when I try them on, I don't have to worry about whether I've gained weight or!
    Lit with Lyns

  3. Thanks for sharing your dreams. Wouldn't guilt-free shopping be the best???? Total weakness of mine too :-)

    Glitter in Third


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