Monday, October 26, 2015


Hello! I hope everyone is surviving the week before Halloween!! I know my kiddos were extremely chatty today and it was only Monday!! It may take a lot of diet Coke, coffee, and chocolate to keep me sane this week!! 

About a month ago I saw a blurb on Facebook from one of my favorite companies...

They were going to be unveiling a new color of the BEST PENCIL SHARPENER IN THE WORLD and wanted volunteers to test it out. So...I responded and guess what??? I was lucky enough to be chosen to test it out!! Can we say super excited??  I am not going to lie I felt like I was an audience member on Oprah's favorite's for school!! 

Let me tell you that when my package arrived I was super excited!! The color is so bright and cheery that it just makes you want to giggle with excitement. Did I mention that my grade level partner and best bud was so jealous when she saw it???? Her birthday is coming up so I just might have to surprise her with one because purple is her favorite color!!

Anyway, the kids loved it!! I thought this would be the best way to express how Mrs. Swaney's Second Grade Superheroes feel about it!!!

If you do not have one of these amazing sharpeners then I suggest clicking 
If you already have one in another might be time to add a little purple to your classroom!!! 

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