Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm Joining the Sale and So-Cal K/1 Conference Here I Come

Oh Yes!! I am super excited for the TPT sale! My wish list is full and I am ready to add them all to my cart! Of course, my store will be on sale as well!! 

So excited that tomorrow will be my Friday!! I am off to Pasadena with my best teaching buddy and sister to the So-Cal K/1 conference! I can't wait to meet and hear all of the amazing teachers presenting. And I will be attending my first Bloggers Bash!! Woohoo!!!

Happy Thursday to everyone!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Thursday!!

I love my class, but they have been quite chatty the past few weeks! I don't know if it's because California has been having a 70 degree winter or what. Luckily, last week we finally got a few days rain!! I am usually not a fan of rainy day recess schedules, but I was excited!! Crazy I know!! The best part was that it rained most of the three day weekend. I got to be lazy and not feel guilty that I was curled up on the couch watching movies!! That's what happens when you live on the west coast and you haven't had a winter!!!

Here's a quick math valentine activity freebie!! 

You may have seen the one I posted for Super Bowl one or the hot cocoa one I posted in December. The kids love them and it's a great way to practice their subtraction skills!! Just click on any of the pictures below to enjoy!!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Football?? Photos and a Sale!!

It's Superbowl day!! Woohoo! I am doing some relaxing before I need to get up and get my appetizers ready and my big batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies baked. Word on the street is that they are some of the best!! I must admit they are quite delicious!! We are heading to our friend's annual Superbowl party down the street. So...I thought I would get a little work down now that way I can enjoy the festivities later!

I am not a big football fan, but I do love the play offs and Superbowl. Being from California, I am a little disappointed that the 49ers are not in it so I am going to be cheering on the Broncos!! I am so looking forward to the commercials!! Did you already see the Budweiser commercial with the puppy??? OMG...tear jerker!!!

This past week was a long one! I finally got some antibiotics for my flu that turned into a sinus infection! Did you know NyQuil and your anitibiotic make for a really good night's sleep!! I had 2 of the best night's sleep ever!! Something I really needed!! All week I had been working on some fun Superbowl stations for my kids. I wanted to get it on TPT, but I didn't quite make it. Below are a few of the activities that we did. The kids had a lot of fun!!

Here is our Superbowl graph. They had to decide which team they were cheering on! My kids are definitely Broncos fans! Sorry I didn't take the after photo so you could see that the Broncos are the favor.

Here the football fact families that they worked on!! They used their white board markers to write the 4 fact family equations. 

This was a compound match up game they played. All the words had to do with football. It was challenging for some, but they enjoyed it!

 Here they had to decide whether the sentences were declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory. They added the correct punctuation mark with a white board marker and then sorted under the correct heading.

These cards were laminated and cut. I had them in a super cute football container. The students had to draw a card and read it. If they read it correctly they kept it. If they could not read it they put it back.

These cards were added to make it even more fun!! They loved it!!

We didn't have time to get to adding 3 addends or missing addends. We will do both of these on Monday!

This is a freebie I posted earlier in the week. I gave the kids a cup filled with 20 Skittles. They read the problem in their book and then used the Superbowl Subtraction Tens Frames to solve it. They had to record the equation and write the answer. They totally enjoyed this...of course, because they got to eat the Skittles!!

I am joining in all the fun and my entire store will be on sale today!!

I wanted to share a few writing samples. I try to get my kids to write several times during the week. This year I switched from second to first grade. I am actually looping with my class to second next year. They are an amazing class and sometimes I forget they are first graders... I actually catch myself treating them like second graders. Anyway, I do a lot of modeling and framing so they can learn what good writing looks like. Here are a few samples of their writing this week!

 Here is the prompt. We talked about it and brainstormed. Then they were off and on their own!! 

Check out some of their writings!!

We also did this prompt too!

Sorry for the long post!! Enjoy your day!!

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