Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New Level of Craziness and the Back to School Sale

I may have hit a new level of craziness today. I decided to head down to Michaels because I was feeling a little creative. My wheels were turning and I was going to get projects done for school. I was making my way around Michaels checking things out. I find an amazing deal on those Scentos markers. They were on clearance for 20 cents and I had just paid a dollar each at Target. So, I did what any normal teacher would do...I bought way more than I needed too.


You know as you head up to the check stand they have the dollar bins as you wait in line. Well of course I had to glance through all of the bargains and that is when I found this:

And that's when I officially began my travels to an all new level of craziness. I decided that I would buy all the letters in my name to replace the wooden train that I have in my classroom. The bright colors would go perfect with my new color scheme this year. So I sifted through the bins of letters and pulled out what I needed. 

Cute huh??? Actually, not so cute because they had no "Y" that I needed to finish off my name. So, I did what any normal teacher would do...I went to another Michaels. I was super excited because when I arrived they had way more letters!! Guess what??? No, Y. So, I got in my car and headed to another Michaels. Guess what?? Even more bins of letters!!! Are you seeing where this is going?? No, Y!!!! What the heck?? I would totally get it if there was no A or E or S, but Y??? So, I called my sister and had her check the Michaels where she lives. (1 1/2 hours away). No...Y!!!!!

It's seasonal of course, so I just might buy myself a giant Y that is way bigger than the rest of my name just to prove a point. I don't know what point, but I want a Y!!

By the way I am participating in the big sale!! Woohoo!!

A big thanks to Michelle at 3am Graphics for the cute sign!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My First Day of First Grade...OMG...I'm Exhauste

Hello to everyone!! I have been missing from my blog for a bit trying to get ready for my big move to first grade. Earlier this year I had asked my principal if I could move to first and then loop to second.  It was official probably by the middle of June and I was super excited. Of course at the end of the school year  I couldn't wait to start summer vacation so I kind of lagged on cleaning my room. Alright, let me be totally honest...I did not clean it at all. I had every intention of going back after a week or two and getting cleaned and organized, but I kept putting it off. Before I knew it, SMACK me in the face it was time to go back to school!! Yes, I have spent the last couple of weeks getting ready and organized. You think that after 18 years of teaching I would know to clean before I leave. Of course not!!! I started my 19th year working and getting things ready until the very last minute possible!! Hopefully, I am not the only one that has ever done this!! LOL!!

So today was my first day of school with kids!! I have a very sweet class! I was surprised at how well they listened because I felt like all I did was talk. Oh we did other things, but the beginning always just feels like all you do is talk about everything and demonstrate how to do procedures. I am EXHAUSTED!!! These first graders are a lot different then beginning second graders. I wanted to curl up on the couch as soon as they walked out the door. My eyelids were closing as I was driving home! Not literally, but they were getting pretty heavy!!

I never thought that first grade was an easy grade by any means because both my mom and sister teach it, but HOLY COW...thank god it is only a 3 day week!!! I need the weekend to recover!! I am definitely going to have to work on my singing, dancing, and bags of tricks!!! And I can't believe in another ten hours I will be back there!!!

I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful first grade bloggers out there for sharing such great ideas!! It has really helped me to get a better feel of what first grade is like!!

I am off to get some sleep! I will post some pictures of my room over the weekend!! If you haven't started school...enjoy the last bit of  your summer!!!

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