Saturday, August 11, 2012

TPT Back to School Sale!!

Cute graphic courtesy of Amy Lemons!

Just wanted  to let you know that my entire TPT store is 20% off Aug. 12-13 (TPT is offering an additional 10% off but you MUST use the coupon code: Bts12). Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Still Alive...Barely, A New Unit, and a Freebie!!

I feel like I have been missing in action from the blogging world this past week or so. I have been trying to get my classroom set up for the new year, and that has been quite a challenge. Do you ever feel like everything that can go wrong...does? Yes, Mr. Murphy's Law has been my best friend for the past 2 weeks! I can not say that I am loving this new best friend, but I guess life could be so much worse. Did I actually say that? Now, I am going to have to be honest... I would have rather been best buds with Mr. Grey Goose and Mr. Kettle One , but I did not choose sides. Well, maybe a few times I did!! Anyway, yesterday was probably the first day where I actually felt I accomplished something. So I did what any logical and sane person would do...I stayed home today. I needed a break from the place where I am going to spend the next 180 days of my life.  I must say I do feel a little bit less stressed.

Even though I have neglected my blog, I have been trying to keep up on what everyone is doing. I am loving all of the classroom photos and amazing ideas people are sharing. I hope to post classroom photos soon.

I have uploaded a new unit to TPT. It has been ready for a while, but I was involved in the above mess...LOL!!

And of course I had to share a freebie with you! My great friend and new teaching partner, Jessica is doing a safari theme in her classroom. Her is a picture of her behavior chart and the printable to make your own!! Enjoy!!

If you click on the picture...your freebies will appear!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Visit to See The Real Wild Things!!

If you are wondering about the title of my blog than keep reading. It all started earlier this summer when my mom decided that she wanted to have a "fun" get away with her two daughters. Now I must give you some background on my mother. She is an amazing woman, a retired teacher (you have hit the jack pot if your child was lucky enough to be in her room), animal lover, and adventurer seeker!! So back to the get away. My sister and I really can't make a decision, but we know it's important to our mom and of course it's important to us too. So we give her a few places and let her decide. Well, that's exactly what she did, but she decides not to tell us where we are going...SURPRISE!!!

This freaks my sister out a bit, but we go along with the "fun" get away. The only details we know are what to pack, it's about 2-3 hours south of our hometown, and we will be staying 2 nights. I must say I was a little curious. My mom loves to whale watch in Monterey, and this would fit the 2-3 hour away clue, but...she is adamant that we are not whale watching. My sister and I are laughing the whole time as we drive to our destination. Yes,  mom is in the backseat giving the directions and throwing out clues every once in a while trying to get a rise out of us. A-ha!! I have figured out where we are going. I give my sister the look and tell her what to google. Sure enough... we guessed it!!!

It is a wild life sanctuary for animals! We stayed on the ranch in their  bed and breakfast bungalows. 

 This is my sister walking into our bungalow!! Below is an inside view of the bungalow. Each bungalow is decorated like an animal. We were Monkey Manor so it was all about monkeys in the inside.

Around 4 o'clock they bring some wild life to you to check out from your deck! In the morning, the elephants bring you breakfast and you get to feed them!! 

Here comes Malika!!

 This is me feeding Malika!!

We also went on a four hour vip tour of the ranch. We saw many animals, washed the elephants, and had a few up close and personal moments with some too!!

Here is me giving Butch a "bath" hose off!

This is me with a capuchin monkey.

It was an amazing experience!! We also went on  a little sailing ride on the Monterey Bay, but that is a whole other story!! Thanks mom for the great get away!!!

On the school front...I have been working in my classroom the past 2 days. Today I was there for way too many hours. You would think I would be ready to go, but not even close. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post early next week. 

I have also uploaded another fun unit to TPT:

I'm off to bed now! If you are back at school I hope the first couple of days have gone well! I have less than 2 weeks!! 

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