Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five For Friday First Time...on a Sunday!!

I decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday Linky for my very first time!! So here it goes...

1. Changin' Up My Easel

This was the easel my mom gave me when she retired a few years ago. I decided to give it a little makeover!!

Here is the new and improved. I painted all the tray and the book boxes black to go with my ROCKSTAR theme. I think I am going to bling it out a bit to give it some pizazz!! I need  to put some labels on the book tubs and some cuteness here and there!!!

2. A Little Shopping!!

Love me some Ann Taylor Loft!! Found this cute little number the other day! It has bright yellow piping around the neck, waist and zipper!! You know what that means??? Shoe shopping time!! I found the perfect pair...

Tell me those won't be so much fun with that dress!!

3. IPad Minis

Yes, you do see 2 Ipad Minis. My grade level partner and I applied for a grant earlier this year. We received enough money so we could each get 2 Ipad Minis for our class. I am so excited to use these for the upcoming school year!

4. Surviving the HEAT WAVE!!

This is where I have been the past couple of days. We have been 103+ degrees. Tuesday looks like 
108!! Yuck!!! 

5. Girl Fun!!

This is one of my fabulous students from this past year.  She comes from an amazing family.  Her mom is our school secretary and both her grandmothers helped out in my classroom every week. Last Sunday her grandfather was in a near fatal accident. You can't imagine how long and emotional this past week has been for them... especially for this little one.

And that's where GIRL FUN happens. Her mom and grandma dropped her off at my house so they could spend the day at the hospital and we could have some fun!! We baked cookies, went to Farmer's Market, shopped at Charming Charlies, picked out nail polish at Ulta, did a little book shopping, went to lunch, and finished our day swimming in the pool and doing our nails.

Here is my ROCKSTAR student and teaching partner! 

What a great day we had!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Favorite Things Linky:Gettin' Fit and the Winners Are

I am linking up with Halle from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade for her Favorite Things Linky:Gettin' Fit!!

I love to workout!! It is a great way for me to relieve stress after working all day. Don't get me wrong, there are days that I would rather sit on the couch and eat HO-HO's, but let's be honest nothing feels better when you are in shape. 

Right now I am loving that our Fitness Center was just remodeled. So I am hitting all of the classes with my favorite trainer Jen. She kicks my butt! She always changes things up, pushes me to the limit, and makes me crave workouts.

Have you ever tried...?

It is amazing!! There are 9 body parts that are each choreographed to a different song. Just when you think you can't go anymore it's a new song and a new body part. Super fun!!

As I have said before...I love me some shoes!! Nothing is better when you have cute fun shoes to workout in!! These are the new additions to my workout routines. The turquoise and yellow ones will be going with me to Tight and Tone tomorrow at 9:30!!! 

I also just finished the Ultimate Reset by Beach Body. It is a cleanse that takes your organs back to their   uncorrupted state. It was 21 days long. My husband did it with me. It was a challenge, but so worth it. I had been having some stomach issues for the past 4 years and it got rid of it. It also helped me kick me 5-6 cans of Diet Coke a day. I am all about the water now. Plus it brought me great results that have motivated me even more!!

And the winners are:

Kristi, Amanda, and Miss Nelson!!

They all correctly guessed that my husband's special delivery was a golf cart!!

Miss Nelson also correctly guessed that we lived on the 18th hole!!

Way to go ladies. Check your email for your goodies!!

The Package Has Arrived and Bloglovin!!

Around 8:45 this morning my husband's very large package arrived!! I guess I shouldn't say package...more like "My husband's ultimate dream toy that may get more attention then me for the next couple of weeks!!!" I am going to give til the end of the day for anyone to make a guess and be one of the lucky 3 to get...

The other day I asked what was being delivered to our house on Thursday. Here is the hint I gave:

He has wanted it ever since we moved to our house, we live on the golf course, and he can take it with him when he golfs!!

If you think you know the answer, leave your answer in the comment section along with your email. I will post the 3 winners tonight at midnight!! Good luck!!

I am also giving away my new Rockin' Classroom Theme Pack to one lucky person who can guess what hole we live on!!

Bloglovin?? If you are like me, you follow blogs using Google Reader...but, that is going to change. Beginning July 1st, they are doing away with the Google Reader. If that's where you go to see all your favorite blogs, you'll need to do something different. I just joined Bloglovin! It let's you follow all your current blogs through their site as soon as you sign up...with the click of just a few buttons! It's pretty cool so check it out!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Golf Lesson #2, A Revision, 2 New Products, and a Freebie for 4!!

This morning was golf lesson #2. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I am. Don't get me wrong...I love being active, participating in sports, and pushing myself through an insane workout, but a round of golf takes 4+ hours. Maybe this is why my husband is golfing every have 4+ hours of freedom away from me!!! LOL!! If it was speed golf I think I would have tried it along time ago. lesson was at 9 am. Dylan is my instructor. He is fabulous by the way. He is patient and very calming, which is good for me. (Little background about me: I am loud and full of energy. My husband always has to shush me or give me the quiet coyote sign!) Of course I didn't get any practice between my last lesson and today's lesson, so I was a little nervous that I might forget everything Dylan had taught me. Guess what??? I actually did quite well.

So the above picture is my driver aka the big a_ _ club!! You fill in the blanks. Hint: They are the same letters and they come after the letter r. This club scares me. Not only is it big, but the shaft is long as well. Well...I hit the little white ball with this club not once, but many times. It went in the air and actually landed way out in the driving range. The more I hit it the straighter it went. Yes, I was super excited and might have even thrown my hands in the air like I just won a million dollars. I am sure that wasn't proper golf course etiquette, but who are we kidding...I just might be the next Tiger Woods or Adam Scott!!

So guess where I went when my lesson was over???? Where does a new golfer go?? You guessed it!!! To the IZOD store to get a new golf outfit!!! 

The shirt can go with both skirts. 

Love the little bling on the neckline!!

Since I was in the golf mood today I created a fun little golf activity to use with my kids when school starts. 


I thought I would set the task cards up around the room like 18 holes of golf. Of course I will have to add some props!!

At the end of the school year, I started letting my kids experiment with QR codes. They loved it!! My grade level partner and I received a small grant at the end of the year that has allowed us to purchase 4 iPad minis. Yes, I will be getting my kids more involved with QR codes. I am sure they will love the golfing activity. 

The above activity can be found at my TPT store. 
I am going to give away 3 copies to the first 3 people who can guess what is being delivered to my house on Thursday for my husband, Hint:  He has wanted it ever since we moved to our house, we live on the golf course, and he can take it with him when he golfs!!

Please leave your email when you make a guess so I can send you the Golf QR Codes.

I also finished my Rockin' Classroom Theme! 

If you are still reading my post...I am going to give one of these away as well!! All you have to do is guess what hole of the golf course we live on??

Good luck!! I am off to bed. I have Cardio Blast at 7:30 am!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Table Talk's 100 Follower Giveaway!!

I am super excited to be participating in Caitlin's and Carrie's 100 follower  giveaway!!

You can win prizes from over 10 different bloggers....there's something for everyone!  I'm giving away one product of the winner's choice! Check it out!! Good luck!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sneak Peak...New Color Scheme For Safari Peeps

I love summer because I have so much more time to play on my computer. The more I play around with powerpoint the easier it gets. My amazing grade level partner and dear friend Jessica wants to update her Safari theme. She is loving the brighter yellows, green, and oranges. So in between doing some laundry today I came up with some new binder covers for her. I am going to work on name tags and everything else. She is pretty excited!! 

Here is a sneak peek!!

I think my favorite is the elephant!! I am off to meet my hubby and some friends for Happy Hour!!! So love vacation!!! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working Out, Golf, and a New Product for My Friend!!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!! 
I can so get used to this not working thing. I am loving sleeping in and then having a leisurely breakfast. Today I got up and went to 2 work out classes!! Yes, I said 2. I am making up for lost times. I love my instructor Jen...who is also a good friend. She kicks your #@$!!!! Today was Cardio Blast at 7:30 and then Body Pump at 9!! 
Then I came home and made some coffee and bowls of fruit for my husband and me. He chose to work from home today so we relaxed and watched the movie SAFE HAVEN. It is a Nicholas Sparks inspired movie. It is a totally chick flick with some yummy Josh Duhamel!! I enjoyed it.

If you have read any of my previous posts then you know I love SHOES!! Below is a picture of my new golf shoes. I had to get me some pink!! No, I am not a golfer, but decided it is about time I learn since we live on a golf course and my husband is a pretty amazing golfer. 

Another reason why I could get used to the no work thing...taking a golf lesson in a cute outfit and shoes at 9 am while everyone else is working!! Summer vacation I love you!!

Even though it's vacation and I am enjoying not being at school...I have been doing school work. I have been working on redoing my Rockstar Theme and a few other things. Below is something that is now added to my TPT store. It is for my very good friend Deb. We used to work at the same school. Now we live almost 2 hours away from each other!!

Here are some larger photos to see some of the items in the unit.

I am now off to plant a few more things in the backyard. I am having a few peeps over tomorrow for a little lunch time/pool time party!! Woohoo!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Question and A New Color Scheme

So I have officially been off for one week! I am enjoying it, but I forgot how the first week is a little bit of a let down and the exhaustion sets in. Am I the only who feels this? I am glad for the year to be over, but sad too. It's like I don't know what to do with myself because I have been going nonstop for the last 180+ days and now...nothing. Don't get me wrong...I have plenty to do, but I am doing absolutely nothing. I take that back. I have gone to some morning exercise classes, which I can not go to during the school year because they are at 9 am. Why are all the good exercise classes always at 9 am?? I have also lounged by the pool and read some hot and steamy books!!!! I must admit it has been nice!!

Of course I still have my mind on school. Does the brain ever stop thinking about school???

I have decided to keep my ROCKSTAR theme for one more year, but I want to add some bright colors. I came up with a few designs for name tags and pencil caddy tags. I would love some feedback. I will even share with two fellow bloggers who are willing to give some feedback.

 I think I like these the best. I am keeping the zebra print as part of my color scheme. I added the yellow and orange. These would be possible name  tags.
What do you think?

The circles would be used for the students' pencil caddies and the squares would be for calendar.

Thought I would bling it out a bit with the glitter zebra. I like, but the black and white zebra seems to catch my eye more. Hmmmm??

Finally, I tried it with the white zebra.

Tell me what you think. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for pdf editing programs for a Mac? The very sweet Amanda Madden recommended Nitro pdf. It is cheaper than Adobe,  but I don't think it is for the Mac. I would love to hear what people use. 

I am off to meet my hubby for lunch and sign up for some golf lessons. I have brand new clubs that have been collecting dust for 4 years, so it is time to learn!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your time off!!

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