Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

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Why I haven't done this before is crazy!! I love seeing all of the pictures and great ideas shared! So here is my picture  are my 3 pictures and question for you!! First time in linky and I break the rule:)

I made the QR code football cards for some Superbowl fun. The kids had to make the amount asked on the card. I used  a money helper mat from Ashley at Schroeder Shenanigans because some of my kids still are confusing the nickel and quarter. Once they recorded their total on the recording sheet they used their iPad to check the answer on the QR code. On the answer sheet I had made a check box with correct or incorrect. If they got it right when they scanned for the answer they checked the correct box. If they were incorrect they had to go back and recount their coins to find their mistake. They loved this and were so engaged. I asked them later when we met back at the rug what they thought about this activity. They loved the QR codes and they loved the incorrect and correct boxes. 

Do you use QR codes in your classroom? What other ways do you incorporate QR codes into your lessons? I would love to hear!!!


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  2. Hi Christa! I found your blog through the wordless Wednesday post, I'm a first time poster too! I love the QR code activity you used in your classroom. I haven't used them yet in my classroom but I would love to try it! Are they difficult to set up? I'd love to start using them. Thanks!


  3. My kiddos love using QR codes. I have them for lots of math activities (place value, numbers, number words, addition, subtraction), as well as for ELA (rhyming words, cvc pictures, beginning, middle or ending sounds) the possibilities are endless. I love these for money, great idea!

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