Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Congrats, More on My Organization, and Insanity Max 30

I survived day 2 of Shaun T.!!! 
I am loving Insanity Max 30!! It literally kicks your booty! The best part is that it is only 30 minutes.  I do love to workout, but doing it  on my own gets really boring at times. I can run for days or do any other cardio, but when it is time for this girl to to the weights I do not push myself like I need to. Put me in a Kickboxing, Tight and Tone, or Body Pump class and I will push myself like no other. So having Shaun T. in my living room pushing me to my limits with his Insanity Max 30 is just what I need right now!!!

Debbie, Melanie, and Emily. Please email me and let me know which unit you want!!

So as promised I do have a few pictures today of my organization. As I had mentioned yesterday, I have revamped my morning language arts block. I realized I was not getting enough small group time with my students so over break I redid my morning block. We are finishing week 3 on the schedule and I must admit...both teacher and kids are extremely happy!!

So this is my rotation board. It is on my front whiteboard. I used Reagan Tunstall's Learn acronym and adjusted terms for my class. The "L" stands for loving technology. The "E" stands for enjoy a book. The "A" stands for attention to writing. The "R" stands for read with teacher. The "N" stands for new words. I then put picture icons below to remind them what they are.  Our rotations are 20 minutes long and each group does 4 rotations so I can meet with 4 groups. I do not meet with my 2 highest groups during this time. I meet with them on Tuesday and Thursday for a 30 minute block.

I start each group with our Vowel Sounds book from
  Reagan Tunstall's Flipping For Phonics Flip Books

Then we do some sort of decoding and blending activity. We finally finish with a leveled book I have specifically picked for each group. It is amazing the improvements I have seen in just a little over 2 weeks. With my 2 highest groups we have just finished reading the Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck. It is about a tsunami that destroys a Japanese fishing village. Right now these students are working on a video book review and a How to Surive a Tsunami video. 

I can't tell you how fast my morning goes. 

I know this post is getting extremely long so I won't go into all the descriptions of the activities for each of the LEARN headings. I will share only  the "L" on the board tonight and then save the others for a future post.

Under the L I have an iPad. I will write on the iPad what I want them to do. We have really been hitting Raz Kids hard. They have been making great improvements too. I have them listen to a story twice, read it twice, and then take a quiz. They have also listened to several stories from Always First with Sue Lynch. They scan the QR code and then they can listen and following along with the story on the iPad.

I made my own discussion questions to go along with the stories. After listening to the story, they can get with a partner and scan the codes below to discuss their answers to the questions. Some sample question from Tacky the Penguin are: What was your favorite part of the story? Read it to your partner and then tell them why you liked it. How did the penguin's attitude toward Tacky change from the beginning of the story to the end? Prove with evidence from the text.

I must admit that my QR Code Chit-Chat cards were quite successful! They were completely engaged in their discussions. How cool to scan and be able to answer questions verbally with your partner!!!

Well that is all for now!! I am off to bed. The past 2 nights this girl hasn't gone to be til after 12:30!!! 


  1. These are such great ideas!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Sounds like you're getting an amazing workout! As if 25 second graders isn't enough??? I would love the Contraction unit you created!! LOVE the pics of Daily 5! Thanks again Christa!

  3. I would love the It's Contraction Surgery Time. Thank you Christa!

  4. Loved your post. I switched from first to second this year and also was out 12 weeks for maternity leave. I am getting back in the groove but struggling at times. I was wondering if you would post or email me a copy of the schedule you created. I do daily 5 but we have one of the smallest times blocks for literacy I have ever seen, when comparing it to other teachers on blogs. I would love to see how you incorporate your amount of time within your whole group lessons and small groups. Schedules are a struggle for so many of us at the school due to time limits so it is very helpful to see another teachers method when they are being successful. Thanks so much.

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