Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunny Sunday and Sugar

It is January 25th. The middle of winter time here in California except today was absolutely beautiful! The sun was out and I was actually sweating on my walk! I love warm weather, but this is now the second January in a row where we are having extremely warm weather for this time of year. I was hoping we would get some rain to help us get out of this drought, but it is not looking good!

So of course with the warm weather comes the drive in the car with the windows down, the panoramic roof slide back, and Maroon 5's song Sugar blaring on the stereo. Did I think I was cool?? Absolutely!!!! LOL! I am driving down the parkway on my way to the store and I have Mr. Levine singing his Sugar song!! Could life be any better??? Only if he was in the passenger seat singing the song to me!!!

These were two freebies that I uploaded from last year! Thought I would put them out there again. I let the kids use M and M's for the Superbowl Subtraction and conversation hearts for Sweet Subtraction. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

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