Tuesday, January 27, 2015

101 Day

Today was our 101st day of second grade! Since the 100th day of school is a big deal in kinder and first I decided about 10-12 years ago to 101 Day. Over the years I have changed from year to year the types of activities that we do with the number 101. One year we did 101 activities. They were all sealed in individual envelopes. The kids loved it. Other years we rotated through stations. The one thing that we always do and is a big hit...the kids dress up to look like they are 101 and I dress up like I am 7 or 8!!! It is so much fun! I can not believe how creative the kids are! Here are some of my kids from today!!


Had to get the side view of her wig!!! Hysterical!!

I had 2 boys dress up as little old ladies! They are two of my hard working quiet boys! I thought it was awesome that they rocked it as little old ladies!! My favorite of the day was my two little quiet shy girls. In our reading rotations they were hamming it up...


  1. Lol! :) Monday I forgot our 100th day cookies and crackers at home so today we had 101st day snacks.


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