Sunday, July 12, 2015

Just a Lazy Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday. I have been sitting on the couch watching Christmas in July on the Hallmark Channel pretty much the whole day. Yes, I said the Hallmark Channel. I am ok that I am admitting that. I have cried a bit, but like I said I am ok admitting that. A while back I had my hubby watching with me and his comment was ..."This is worse than sliding down a slide of razor blades into a pool of rubbing alcohol!" I thought he was a little harsh, but guys just don't get the Hallmark Channel or the Lifetime Channel.

I just got back from San Antonio with my mom and niece. My mom likes to take my sister and I on a girl's trip every year to make a few memories. My mom is a retired teacher so she sometimes will incorporate an educational experience into the trip. This year my sister couldn't go so my 14 year old niece went. We had a good time, but I sure was glad to be home. One of the cool things that we did do was visit Bracken Cave. We watched 20 million bats fly out for the evening on the hunt for dinner.

This is my niece Kaleigh and I waiting for the famous bats to come out of their cave. I want you to know that I never take selfies so this is a big deal for me posting this. When you are 45 you do not really enjoy what the camera reveals!! 

Here is the famous Bracken Cave!! Can you believe that over 20 million bats are inside waiting for the right moment to come out!!

This is just a quick snippet of what we saw. I have to admit it was pretty cool. They say it takes 3 hours for them all to fly out of the cave!!

So the realization just hit me that school starts in less than a month!! How??Why??? Is this really true? Panic has started to set in. I am trying to tell myself to relax and just enjoy the next couple of weeks, but I have so much I want to do. I have been trying to really map out my year. I have been focusing in on my math and trying to plan my units. Am I the only one that struggles with all the big ideas, essential questions, and everything else?? I want to be more detailed  in my actual plans instead of having it all in my head. How do you all do it?? Do you ever feel this way?? 

Well enough of that!! Sometimes you just have to vent to feel better!! Have a great rest of your day!!1


  1. Ohmygoodness - Hallmark is my weakness! Every movie ends the exact same way, but I still love it. Guys definitely don't understand! :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  2. We visited San Antonio earlier this summer. There is so much to do there. We also visited the caves. They were really neat. Definitely something to check out!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

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