Monday, July 27, 2015

Assess Me! A Get to Know You Linky!

I am joining in on all the fun and linking up with the Tattooed Teacher for her fun linky! 

1. I seem to have my best conversations when I am talking with myself!! Especially in the car on the way to work!
2. Not really.
3. I do not crack my knuckles and the sound freaks me out. 
4. I think I work out so I can eat. I am not one of those people who forget to eat. When I am done eating I am already planning my next meal!
5. Couldn't sleep so watching cheesy late night shows!
6. I got my wisdom teeth out way back when!
7. I did shower because my hubby and I spent the day together! Lunch and dinner date!
8. Yes, went 2 years ago on Thanksgiving with my hubby. Spent some time in the CA Adventure Bar/Restaurant watching all the moms and dads come have a drink!!
9. I have prescription readers that I never wear. But suddenly the eyesight has really started to go the past 6 months...thank you fabulous 40's!! 
10. I am a California girl!!

Don't forget to link up! So much fun reading about everyone!!

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