Monday, November 17, 2014

Preparing for Contraction Surgery and Is It Friday Yet????

The tech observation went well today!! I must say that not starting our Monday with our typical routines really did create chaos for the rest of the day! Does that ever happen to anybody else? I have noticed that in the past 4 or 5 years that Mondays tend to be like starting all over again. Some of my kids really have a hard time adjusting back to school mode after having the weekend off. So let's just say the happy teacher that entered the classroom left the room frustrated and grumpy!!!

On the way home  I called my hubby on the way home and we met for dinner and an adult beverage!!! Why is it that Mexican food always makes me feel better!!

Before I left I did set the room up for Contraction Surgery!! The kids are going to be super excited when they walk in. 

I will post more pictures tomorrow of our actual surgery.

This morning the kids walked into this...

This cute idea was taken from a great unit I bought from Smart Teaching! The kids were so excited! They quickly found all the mistakes and then eagerly wrote letters back!!

I will be picking a few winners tomorrow morning by 10:00 for my two new regrouping units. There is still time to comment for a chance to win!!

Happy Monday Night!!!

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  1. Yes!!! I have noticed that if Monday is out of whack...the rest of the day and...yikes...sometimes the rest of the week is nuts!! :) Sometimes I actually do not want those assemblies because of this fact! Yikes, I actually said that I sometimes do NOT want assemblies. ;-)


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