Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Currently Oh My!!

Wow! It is November 5th already. When I looked back at the date on my last post I was a little embarrassed.  Time just passes way too quickly!! Even though I am a few days late with the November Currently I am linking up with Farley because it is always fun!!!

There is something to say about coming home to a quiet house after a long day!! I love my hubby, but it is nice to just sit here and do nothing.

Yes, I do have a four day weekend! We also have an early release this Friday. I might just be doing the happy dance. 

The time change might be having a not so positive effect on my workout routine. I have already put my pj's on, but I know I need to get a workout in. The darkness makes me want to hope in bed or lay  on the couch and be LAZY!!!

Why does my "need" always seem to be the same...Blog more!!! I definitely spend time checking out everyone else's blog, but I just don't spend the time on my own. 

I just finished Gone Girl. I thought it was a good book, but how could someone be so crazy??? I can barely think about could she plan months or years in advance??

On a school note...we just had parent/teacher conferences last week. We had early release days all week and then to top it off...we ended the week with a big Halloween Science Day!! The conferences  went well. Since I looped with these kids from first to second it was so fun to meet with parents again and discuss how far they have come!! Halloween Science was a huge success.We did 10 science and math stations in about 3 hours. My parents and good friend come up to help run some of the stations. I will have to post pictures because the kids had a blast. We make 2 versions of slime, we create boo bubbles and smoke launchers, the kids get to "walk on water" (a 4-5foot long contraption filled with cornstarch and water), they learn how to perform a science magic trick with water gel, and then we have several Halloween math stations too. It was so much fun!! I think it might have been my best one yet...we had so much parent help that it just ran so smoothly. All the late nights were a thing of the past when I hear my kids say..."This is the best day ever!"

By 1 o'clock I was out the door and on my way to an adult beverage and a carb overload!!!

Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. It feels SOOOOOOOO good to have finished conferences!! I am also ready for the 4 day weekend, even though we have Staff Development on Monday but I'll take it! I agree, Gone Girl was CRAY-ZEE! Not sure if I will see the movie though, the ending of the book made me so mad!

    WILD About First Grade!


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