Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working Out, Golf, and a New Product for My Friend!!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!! 
I can so get used to this not working thing. I am loving sleeping in and then having a leisurely breakfast. Today I got up and went to 2 work out classes!! Yes, I said 2. I am making up for lost times. I love my instructor Jen...who is also a good friend. She kicks your #@$!!!! Today was Cardio Blast at 7:30 and then Body Pump at 9!! 
Then I came home and made some coffee and bowls of fruit for my husband and me. He chose to work from home today so we relaxed and watched the movie SAFE HAVEN. It is a Nicholas Sparks inspired movie. It is a totally chick flick with some yummy Josh Duhamel!! I enjoyed it.

If you have read any of my previous posts then you know I love SHOES!! Below is a picture of my new golf shoes. I had to get me some pink!! No, I am not a golfer, but decided it is about time I learn since we live on a golf course and my husband is a pretty amazing golfer. 

Another reason why I could get used to the no work thing...taking a golf lesson in a cute outfit and shoes at 9 am while everyone else is working!! Summer vacation I love you!!

Even though it's vacation and I am enjoying not being at school...I have been doing school work. I have been working on redoing my Rockstar Theme and a few other things. Below is something that is now added to my TPT store. It is for my very good friend Deb. We used to work at the same school. Now we live almost 2 hours away from each other!!

Here are some larger photos to see some of the items in the unit.

I am now off to plant a few more things in the backyard. I am having a few peeps over tomorrow for a little lunch time/pool time party!! Woohoo!!


  1. Love your owl unit!! Super cute golf shoes too!!

  2. CUUUUTTTEEEE owl theme! You did an amazing job! Golf shoes are cute too but no way I'd be golfing. Golf stresses me out! haha!

    WILD Aboout Firstr Grade!

  3. Cute owl theme! Can I ask you where you got the D'Nealian font? I have been searching for some and can't seem to find it anywhere to download.


  5. You are amazing my sweet friend!!! I miss you so very much and go kick some golf bootie in those hot shoes:)

  6. You are amazing my sweet friend!!! I miss you so very much and go kick some golf bootie in those hot shoes:)

  7. Love the owl theme! Very cute! And super cute shoes!! Just found your blog and happy to be your newest follower!

    Table Talk with C & C


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