Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Golf Lesson #2, A Revision, 2 New Products, and a Freebie for 4!!

This morning was golf lesson #2. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I am. Don't get me wrong...I love being active, participating in sports, and pushing myself through an insane workout, but a round of golf takes 4+ hours. Maybe this is why my husband is golfing every have 4+ hours of freedom away from me!!! LOL!! If it was speed golf I think I would have tried it along time ago. lesson was at 9 am. Dylan is my instructor. He is fabulous by the way. He is patient and very calming, which is good for me. (Little background about me: I am loud and full of energy. My husband always has to shush me or give me the quiet coyote sign!) Of course I didn't get any practice between my last lesson and today's lesson, so I was a little nervous that I might forget everything Dylan had taught me. Guess what??? I actually did quite well.

So the above picture is my driver aka the big a_ _ club!! You fill in the blanks. Hint: They are the same letters and they come after the letter r. This club scares me. Not only is it big, but the shaft is long as well. Well...I hit the little white ball with this club not once, but many times. It went in the air and actually landed way out in the driving range. The more I hit it the straighter it went. Yes, I was super excited and might have even thrown my hands in the air like I just won a million dollars. I am sure that wasn't proper golf course etiquette, but who are we kidding...I just might be the next Tiger Woods or Adam Scott!!

So guess where I went when my lesson was over???? Where does a new golfer go?? You guessed it!!! To the IZOD store to get a new golf outfit!!! 

The shirt can go with both skirts. 

Love the little bling on the neckline!!

Since I was in the golf mood today I created a fun little golf activity to use with my kids when school starts. 


I thought I would set the task cards up around the room like 18 holes of golf. Of course I will have to add some props!!

At the end of the school year, I started letting my kids experiment with QR codes. They loved it!! My grade level partner and I received a small grant at the end of the year that has allowed us to purchase 4 iPad minis. Yes, I will be getting my kids more involved with QR codes. I am sure they will love the golfing activity. 

The above activity can be found at my TPT store. 
I am going to give away 3 copies to the first 3 people who can guess what is being delivered to my house on Thursday for my husband, Hint:  He has wanted it ever since we moved to our house, we live on the golf course, and he can take it with him when he golfs!!

Please leave your email when you make a guess so I can send you the Golf QR Codes.

I also finished my Rockin' Classroom Theme! 

If you are still reading my post...I am going to give one of these away as well!! All you have to do is guess what hole of the golf course we live on??

Good luck!! I am off to bed. I have Cardio Blast at 7:30 am!!!


  1. Golf clubs?

  2. I am going to guess a golf cart? That is a cute outfit!

    scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

  3. Golf bag? I'm guessing you live on hole 8 of the golf course!

  4. I'm guessing a golf cart! And you live on hole 9???

  5. I am thinking new golf clubs too. It would be nice to have a golf cart, but I am sticking with clubs. You will be sharp in your new golf duds! Enjoy.

  6. I can understand why you were so excited on your golf lesson. I'd probably be cheering if I was there to watch you. Golf is a game perfected with practice, which reminds me, how are your lessons going? -Cindy @ Savannah Golf School


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