Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Question and A New Color Scheme

So I have officially been off for one week! I am enjoying it, but I forgot how the first week is a little bit of a let down and the exhaustion sets in. Am I the only who feels this? I am glad for the year to be over, but sad too. It's like I don't know what to do with myself because I have been going nonstop for the last 180+ days and now...nothing. Don't get me wrong...I have plenty to do, but I am doing absolutely nothing. I take that back. I have gone to some morning exercise classes, which I can not go to during the school year because they are at 9 am. Why are all the good exercise classes always at 9 am?? I have also lounged by the pool and read some hot and steamy books!!!! I must admit it has been nice!!

Of course I still have my mind on school. Does the brain ever stop thinking about school???

I have decided to keep my ROCKSTAR theme for one more year, but I want to add some bright colors. I came up with a few designs for name tags and pencil caddy tags. I would love some feedback. I will even share with two fellow bloggers who are willing to give some feedback.

 I think I like these the best. I am keeping the zebra print as part of my color scheme. I added the yellow and orange. These would be possible name  tags.
What do you think?

The circles would be used for the students' pencil caddies and the squares would be for calendar.

Thought I would bling it out a bit with the glitter zebra. I like, but the black and white zebra seems to catch my eye more. Hmmmm??

Finally, I tried it with the white zebra.

Tell me what you think. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for pdf editing programs for a Mac? The very sweet Amanda Madden recommended Nitro pdf. It is cheaper than Adobe,  but I don't think it is for the Mac. I would love to hear what people use. 

I am off to meet my hubby for lunch and sign up for some golf lessons. I have brand new clubs that have been collecting dust for 4 years, so it is time to learn!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your time off!!

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  1. I like the glitter zebra, definitely! The black & white does catch your eye, but I like the softness the silver brings...I feel like the black & white might be too distracting?
    As for pdf program, I'm a Mac, and I use Adobe:), sorry if that's not helpful...


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