Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Ready to Go Back, a New Product, and a Freebie!!!

Why is it that as vacation comes to a close I always have a million things to do and only the weekend left to do it? I won't complain because I have to admit that these past two weeks were just what I needed...even if I did get the stomach flu on Christmas Eve and had to cancel Christmas with my family. Eventually I felt better and got to spend a great make up Christmas with my family!!

As we all know, we as teachers can never stay away from school when we are on a break. So against my husbands wishes ( He seems to think I should be able to get everything done during a normal school day!! I just don't understand why you ever have to bring anything home??) I love him dearly, but if I could only convince him to spend one full day at school with me and the kids I think he would see why I do what I do. Anyway,  I did venture into school a little bit yesterday and today. I did some major cleaning and organizing. I still need a few more hours, but I am not sure that will happen before Monday. It did feel so good to go through piles and purge!! I am also getting a new student on Monday so I had to get things ready for her.

I did create a new product for my TPT store.  It covers telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour with some fun activities and games!! I am fairly new to this so it takes me a while. I was trying out the Picasa program to create one of those really cute previews that everyone does. I had no clue what I was doing, but I created something. If anyone has a cheat sheet or some pointers I could really use some help. I was frustrated that I couldn't switch pages from underneath each other. Oh, I am sure you can, but this chick had no clue!! If you would like to check out my product click on the picture below.

I am going to give a copy to the first two people who comment below. 

If you have not entered my giveaway for the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener please do. It will end on Monday. 

I am still looking for CALIFORNIA BLOGGERS. Would love to organize a meet up!!! Let me know if you are interested!!!


  1. I go back on Monday! Would love a copy!

  2. I'd love a copy.

  3. I'm always needing new ways to teach time. :)

  4. Hi Christa!

    I create my preview files in Power Point, the same place I create all of my products. Once the product is finished,I save the slides as JPEGS, then create a new document, inserting them as pictures. If there's an easier way, I'm not aware!

    Hope that helps!

    I'll have to remember your product when we start time in our classroom!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  5. Thank you all for the helpful tips!! Enjoying my last day before going back to work tomorrow!!



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