Monday, January 14, 2013

A Homework Question and A New Unit

Why do Mondays always come so quick??? Actually, my day went pretty quick until the almost 2 hour staff meeting. I can't complain. My principal is really good about not having too many meetings. 
Today was a big debate about homework. Should it be given or not? Research says this and research says that. I do have my kids read on a nightly basis, complete no more than 8 math problems, and have a spelling activity that allows for quite a bit of freedom. I feel homework does not have to be a burden, but I do think it allows parents to see what is going on in class. I  also do not want it to ever be a battle or take forever. I think it teaches kids to be responsible. I can also see if someone doesn't have a firm grasp on a particular concept. 
So I would love to hear from others what your view on homework is. 
There was some heated debate at our staff meeting on this subject that narrowed down to a select few feeling that homework is wrong. So I am curious to hear if there is anyone that does not give homework at all. 

Here is a preview of some of the items included in my new unit!

I am off to bed! I get to sleep in an extra hour because we have our last Common Core training tomorrow. It doesn't start until 8:30. Woohoo!!


  1. My feelings- HW is bad when it's given just to give HW. It should be given as a way for students to practice the skills they already know. Understanding doesn't come without practice. I definitely agree with Reading HW, Spelling HW, and Math HW as long as they are doing something that they are practicing. My students actually do 3 things each night: Read for 20 minutes, A math practice page, and 10 minutes of writing in their journal. The writing has benefited them in SO Many ways. Reading is obviously a must- without reading you can't become a better reader. And math is a definite. BUT- I would never give my students a math page with something that we just learned (because mom & dad often don't know how we do it)

    Hope this helps you :)


  2. Homework for me should only be a reinforcement of what has been taught by me in the classroom. I don't want to frustrate my parents with to much work.

  3. Super cute new unit! It would be perfect to add to our first grade weather theme. Very creative!

    WILD About First Grade!

  4. This has been an interesting post regarding the use of homework. I have used this system - 20 min of reading, a math sheet, and spellers choice. The parents know that the math & spelling should not take more than 20 min total, and the reading can be done in the car, before bed, etc. This is working ok for all but 1 student, who gets differentiated hw.
    Hello Mrs Sykes


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