Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Theme for the New School Year!!

I can not believe it is already July starts August 13th!! AAHHHHH!! Why does summer have to go so fast??

I have decided to do a superhero theme this year. I am really excited. I have purchased a few cool things, but I am still working on how it is all going to be decorated so the kids actually feel their part of a superhero atmosphere. A really good friend made me these amazing new curtain valences!! I can't wait to put them up!!

 Here is a picture of the fabric. See how bright the blue is?? That's actually what the curtains look like!!

I also found the clock and the Superhero rules poster. Love them both!! I have the poster in the frame to flatten it out. I am going to mount it so it has a border before I hang it up.

I have been creating a few things to use for binders, name tags, etc. I am trying to decide on covers for their daily binders. Which do you like??
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6

Sample 7
Sample 8
Has anyone changed their theme this year?? Would love to hear what everyone is doing!! 


  1. Hi, Christa! I think sample 7 is my favorite. They all look pretty SUPER, though. (Hehe.) I'm not really changing my theme, just...tweaking. I've a lot of time and energy into my monster classroom, but it was decided that our building-wide theme would be jungle safari since we're panthers. I decided, other than some vines and jungle prints, I would put safari hats on my monsters.
    :) Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches

    1. Thanks Sarah! Number 7 does catch the eye! I had a rockstar theme the past few years and I am looping with my first graders back to second so I had to change it up! I bet the monster theme is cute! Where in Kansas do you teach? A good friend of mine is from Kansas!!!

  2. I love the super hero theme!!! I think it will be a perfect fit!! If I had to pick a binder insert I think I would go with sample 1! I love the bright orange/red, but then how the hero's capes are bright blue! Thanks for sharing!



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