Saturday, July 20, 2013

Congrats and Cleaning

Congrats to Debbie and Pam. My husband picked you two lucky ladies for the freebies. Please check your emails to make sure you received the products. If not, please email me.

On Thursday I went to school to clean. It is something that I should have done before school got out, but I didn't. I spent about 5 hours going through things and getting rid of things I hadn't used or didn't need. I probably have 1 more day of the same thing and then I can start setting up for this upcoming school year! It's freaking me out that school starts in 3 WEEKS!!!!!  I still have golf lessons to take and exercise classes to attend!! This work thing is just getting in the way!!LOL!!!

It is supposed to be 105 degrees here today so I need to get moving and get my workout in so I can relax by the pool!! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday!! Relax and enjoy!!!


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