Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to School Shopping, Revisions, and New Products!!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!! Why is it that once June is over the summer seems to fly by??? I officially start school in less than a month...August 12th!!! OMG!! Where does the time go??? I try not to be Debbie Downer and just enjoy the rest of my summer, but of course the brain starts turning and it won't shut off. Last night I had a dream nightmare that it was the week before Open House and I hadn't done a thing!!! Yes, I tossed and turned the whole night trying to figure out how I was going to get my room ready in 3 days!! Does this happen to anyone else???

So I have been doing a little school shopping...

These are going to be my kids wallets to hold their Rockstar Bucks!! They were 47¢ a piece at WalMart!
I recovered my seat crates! I just love the orange chevron!

New rug from Ikea! It was only $19.99. I think I am going to get one more.

Book boxes and notebooks for Daily 5!

Couldn't resist the zebra accents!!

New color scheme for updating my Rockstar Theme!!

Here is my new product that I just uploaded to TPT!

My sister Marissa (Wild About First Grade!) has been trying to decide on a new theme for her classroom most of summer. She liked my first Owl Theme pack I had created for other friends, but when we found this border at Lakeshore she new Owls was going to be her new theme.

So this was the inspiration for my second Owl Theme pack!! It contains 225 pages of decor items!! Here are some pictures to show you what is in there:


Of course I would love to give one away to my blog followers. Just leave a comment below with your email and I will have my husband pick a lucky number tonight!!

I also added :

Here is a preview of some of the wrist bands!!

Yes, I will also give one of these away as well. Just leave a comment with your email address and the hubby will pick another lucky number!!

Finally, I did add a few new items to my Rockstar Classroom Theme Pack:

Below are the new additions : a new set of table group signs, 2 different sets of birthday months to display kids b-days, and a new design of tens frames posters.

I am off to a golf lesson and a Tight and Tone class!! I do love summer vacation!!!


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  2. Your new Owl theme pack is simply lovely. I still debating on what theme I'm going to use.

  3. Omg! This pack would be OWLSEME because my classroom theme is going to be the Outstanding Owls!!! I'm so glad I decided to catch up on my blog reading today! :D

    mswuteach at gmail
    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  4. Lovin your OWl themed goodies!! The new color scheme is awesome!! Gotta give you a "hoot hoot" for your creativity!!

  5. I love your owl stuff- I am redoing my rooms in owls!

  6. Love that rug! I'm hoping to score one at IKEA this weekend.


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