Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Day Fun!!

Yes, it was a rainy day today. I teach in Northern California and we have been teased with the sunny weather lately...except today it chose to rain all day. I am ok with rain right now because my beach body is so not here right now...not sure if it is ever going to arrive this year!! I was driving to school thinking about the day that lay ahead...I decided that the rainy day would be a perfect opportunity to do another practice opinion writing and I could also use my cute rain craft from my TPT unit:

When my students arrived I told them that we were going to give our opinions about rainy days. Then I showed them the craft. They were super excited. Below is a few samples. I was quite impressed with how much easier it was for them to do opinion writing. We have done several opinion pieces, but today just seemed like the lightbulb went off!!!

I also introduced two dimensional shapes today. We did some exploration with pattern blocks. I forgot how fun geometry can be! My kids thought math was the best ever because they got to build with the pattern blocks! I love that the simplest things make them happy!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday tomorrow! I am off to cook dinner  reheat leftovers!! It is another new episode of Scandal tonight!!!

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