Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to Work

Spring Break went way too quickly! Yesterday was my first day back boo hiss yippee...and it was my birthday!! I am not going to was the last place I wanted to be! I was greeted with some super amazing birthday gifts from my grade level partner and amazing friend!!

This was on my back table. The balloon sings to me! There was also a container full of m and m's with the cutest poem ever. I do love my chocolate !! 

My amazing friend also got me this movie! I may be cheesy, but I love the singing in this!!

And the necklace too! She really made my day!!

If you have read any of my previous posts then you do know that I am a Diet Coke freak!! Look what one of my ROCKSTAR students brought me!!! Is this not the coolest thing ever????

My husband got me this awesome Michael Kors bag! I am so loving all the bright colors this year!!

He also got me a great pair of shoes, but they don't arrive until Friday. 

Before spring break I  had my kids do  a How to Catch a Leprechaun writing. They actually did a really good job. Here are a few samples:

This was a sample from one of my girls.

Here is a sample from one of my boys:

Today I introduced the beginning of multiplication. We talked how the first number means how many groups and the second number tells how many belong in each group.

6 X 2

The above problem would mean I have six groups of 2. I then taught them the game circles and stars. Students roll 2 dice. The first number rolled tells them how many circles to draw on their paper. The second number rolled tells them how many stars they need to put in each circle. Then they add up the stars to get their product.  They enjoyed it!!! We will do more with multiplication tomorrow as well as begin our geometry unit. 

Happy Thursday to everyone!! If you are on your final days of Spring it up!! If you are like me...Friday is almost here...woohoo!!!

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  1. That looks like a fantastic birthday! I love the Diet Coke 'cake'.
    My Second Sense


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