Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check it Out!!

Thanks to Melissa and Cherie for your comments. I will be sending you a copy of my fraction unit later this weekend!

 I had my kids try out my activities from my new fraction unit. They had a great time. They are always up for something new and exciting. They especially loved the QR codes!! I thought I took photos of them experimenting with it, but apparently I did not. So I will have to take some and post later. I thought I took some I can't wait to do more with them. My grade level partner tested them out too. She took some photos for me so I could share.

Here the task cards were taped around the desks. Students worked on proper and improper fractions.  A difficult concept for second graders...but they were slowly catching on.

Here they had an activity sheet that asked them to write the fraction for a certain color of stars that were on the task card. In my classroom, we taped them around the room. The students love to get up and move around.

This is what some of the cards looked like.

Here is part of the activity sheet that goes with the task cards.

Here they are playing Fraction Connect Four

We have also been working on Opinion Writing. I found a great unit from First Grade Blue Skies. It is for the whole year. I like how Jennifer lays it out. The kids caught on real quick and enjoyed giving their opinions. I had my second graders provide more reasons and use adjectives. (We are working on them as well.)

Here is one we did about pizza.

These cute winter peeps were from Hope King's Ultimate Winter Writing and Craft Bundle. We used the craft with our opinion writing about winter.  

I love this one! He made his have ski goggles and a ski mask. 

This actually looks like the girl in my class! Don't you love her braids!!!

I have one last photo to share. It actually is a proud moment that we all experience that reinforces why we teach. 

I love this kid! I have taught both of his older siblings. When he started with me in the beginning of the year he really struggled with reading...maybe ten words in a minute... tops. We do the Daily 5 in my classroom. When it was time for Read to Self he could barely sit still and he always was going to the bathroom. I knew I had to improve his situation. I met with him and 3 other students that were at his reading level every single day. We set up book bags with a communication log between myself and the parents. This went home Monday through Thursday night. I helped them find books at their level, cheered them on, gave them praise during our one on one conferences, and helped them see they could be readers.

WOOHOO!!! When I took this picture he had been reading the whole 20 plus minutes of Read to Self. He was lost in a Mr. Putter and Tabby book... so focused that he didn't even notice I took his picture. When Read to Self was over I saw him walk over to the book shelf and grab 3 more Mr. Putter books. Every day since then he has been focused and reading!!! The best part is he was Rockstar of the Week and he wrote that his favorite subject was...reading!!!

Happy Thursday to all!!


  1. Lots to say--the fraction games look like fun, and the kids look so engaged; LOVE the writing samples and the artwork that goes with them, very creative kiddos; and YAY!!! for the new reader, so amazing to see the progress kids can make when they have the support they need!

    WILD About First Grade!

  2. That is so fabulous. I love stories of students who were struggling at the beginning of the year and blossom with encouragement at the end. I have a student also that was reading 23 words per minute and I also do the Daily 5 but she is now reading about 90-100 words per minute and is rocking with her reading. She is even understanding what she is reading and to me that is the most important part of reading. I am so excited for her and she is all smiles. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

    P.S. I do love your fraction idea also. Thanks.

  3. Christa, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and letting me know about my email button not working. I had no idea! (email is: You're such a sweet heart for offering to send me your fractions unit. Thanks a bunch! It looks fun from your pictures. I'm also impressed with the vocabulary your students are using in their writing and their descriptions (make your mouth water)... that's FANTASTIC! Way to go!!!! I'm definitely coming back more often, love your ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    BTW- I was thinking about you this morning and backed up my files!!
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach


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