Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Award

I am so getting into this blogging world! I was super excited to find out that I received the "One Lovely Blog Award"!!!!

Thank you so much to Amy at Where Seconds Count
Please make sure you check out her fabulous blog!!

It means a lot when you are just starting out as a blogger. I am so inspired and motivated by each and every blog I visit.

Once you receive the award, you must follow 3 rules:

1. Follow the person that gave you the award

2. Link back to the person that gave you the award

3.Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers 

The recipients I am choosing are:

Second Grade Success1


  1. I love your blog, Christa. It looks great. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower.

  2. Congrats on the award! We just found you and are now following! We would love it if you stop by.
    Katie & Lisen

  3. Thank you so much Christa! Welcome to the blog world. I am now one of your followers. Love for you to follow me. 2nd grade teachers rock!! Whohoo!!!

  4. WooHoo for you!! You rock chick!! Love ya!!!xxoo


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